Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recommended by Joe

A friend of mine at Oracle (that is to say Greg is still at Oracle whilst I am not) pointed out to me that Microsoft's Joe Stagner has Pro .NET Oracle Programming as a recommended book on the Oracle - ASP.NET forum. Currently the recommended books list looks like this (subject to change naturally):


That got me to thinking a bit. It has been just over 4 years since I started writing that book. (I started the first chapter in March 2004). Certainly a lot has changed since then with several releases of the Oracle Data Provider for .NET, Oracle Database, Visual Studio, the Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET, etc. I was just at one of the major booksellers here locally over the weekend and the "computer section" has dwindled immensely. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to update the book? There are several things I would want to change to be sure, but would it be worth it? Do people get their technical information from OTN and MSDN mostly now?