Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oracle ACE Director No More

Today marks my first day back at Oracle Corp. and I find myself in the same boat as Kevin Closson. I'm not saying I'm sitting in the same section mind you, just that I am in the same boat as regards to no longer being eligible for the Oracle ACE program.

I think I have removed the ACE and Director logos as well as text from the appropriate spots, but if I missed a place or two, well, I'll try to get them removed too!

As Kevin says, at least there is that vest thing...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

So, back to Oracle then?

Next week will mark the last week at my current location as I have recently decided to return to Oracle Corp.

I will be going back to the world of C and UNIX derivatives having accepted a position on the non-Windows PLBDE team.

It's hard to say what that will mean for the blog here, which has been pretty quiet from my side as of late to be sure, but perhaps I will branch out from my typical topics of ODP.NET and/or Oracle on Windows. We'll see.